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5 Tactics To Eat All Your Vegetables

You might think that because I have a market garden, I eat loads of fabulous vegetable meals, my kids enjoy a wide variety, and I never waste anything.

Well, let me tell you, you'd be wrong, I still have days when I make dishes no one wants to eat!

Experimenting in the kitchen will mean occasional failures and that's okay because we all start somewhere!

Today I want to share with you 5 ways to ensure you're getting the most of your Goldbush Vege Bag Subscription, so you use the veges, enjoy them (at least most of the time!) and don't feel bad if something is 'wasted'.

1: Check Social Media for the "What's in the Bag" post.

If you're unsure about what's in your Vege Bag, head over to our Facebook or Instagram page and look for Wednesday's "What's in the Bag" post.

This will give you a sneak peek of the vegetables included in your bag, with a few ideas like what to use first and storage tips.

2: Utilise the Vegetable Identifier Infographic.

Don't know what to do with that mysterious vegetable you found in your bag?

No worries!

We have a handy "Vegetable Identifier" infographic on our blog.

This infographic not only helps you identify different veges but also provides suggested uses for each.

It's like having a personal vegetable expert right at your fingertips.

Click here for Vegetable Identifier Blog post.

3: Explore the Blog's Search Function and Tags.

Our blog is a treasure trove of vegetable recipes waiting to be discovered.

If you're looking for specific recipes to use up particular vegetables, simply use the search bar at the top of the blog.

You can also utilize the tags to narrow down your search and find inspiration for a particular vegetable including the full guides.

4: Dive into the "Rescue Strategies" eBook and Videos.

Sometimes, the end of the week rolls around, and you still have a few vegetables left from your previous vege bag. Fear not!

We've created an invaluable resource called the "Rescue Strategies" eBook and accompanying videos.

These resources will guide you on how to make the most of your vegetables before the next vege bag arrives, ensuring nothing goes to waste.

Find the Rescue Strategies Ebook Here.

5: Ask Michelle for Personalised Suggestions.

Stuck on what to do with a specific vegetable or need some creative ideas for using up your vege bag?

I'm here to help!

You can reach out to me anytime via email or messenger, and I'll gladly provide you with suggestions, tips, and tricks to make the most of your fresh produce.

You've got this!

Remember, it's okay to stumble along the way.

Experiment, try new recipes, and enjoy the bounty of fresh vegetables from your Goldbush Vege Bag Subscription.

Together, we can reduce food waste and create delicious meals from fresh veges.

So, what are you waiting for?

Click here to reserve your spot.

Full details for a subscription are in the link, all it takes is leaving your email to embark on this exciting vegetable-filled journey with us.


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