Spring Vege Bag Subscription - Registration Closes 19th September. See details HERE.

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 Fiona, says: “Buying from Goldbush is easy, the veges are fresh and I love that it's delivered to the door every week without having to think about it. Great variety and stellar quality.”

Goldbush Micro Farm luscious veges, are available to you every week, by leaving your details below.

Summer Subscription Details:

The Summer Subscription starts December 13th and runs until 6th March.

For $360 you get one Vege bag every week for 12 weeks (except Christmas week).

Delivered to your door every Wednesday, with the first one arriving 13th December.

By paying in advance for your Subscription you:

  • Don’t need to remember to order each week.

  • Get first dibs on limited vegetables.

  • Receive your best choice - always get your favorites.

  • Guaranteed bag each week.

It’s just like your favourite vege bag from us. But you get this one each week. 

Veges will appear at your door and you don’t need to remember to order them. 

A subscription means you always have access to farm fresh vegetables without the hassle of picking through the supermarket, wondering how old it is.

“Fresh and no nasties means I'm doing the best I can for my family while supporting local.” - Jo

For those ordering regularly this won’t look any different to your usual Vege Bag, but you get the benefit of not having to worry if you forgot to order while still having the ability to make swaps.

As a new subscription customer, fill in the form above with all your favorite and not so favorite veges, so we can pack the best bag for you every week.

The Vege Bag Subscription is simple it is to set up (fill in the form above, then when you confirm your spot, pay the invoice I'll send you), it will reduce your stress and workload (no need to worry about ordering), it also may NOT be for you (you'll still be able to do weekly orders)! 

Fill in the form on this page to register your interest.

See below for some sample Goldbush Vegetable Bags, freshly harvested with taste that will blow you away.


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