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What's That Vegetable?

Find Out Here

Sometimes it hard to tell which vegetable you've got in your bag, especially all the leafy green vegetables. 

Here's a little something I created to help identify vegetables from Goldbush Micro Farm.

You can download the Vegetable Identifier PDF by clicking the picture below.

Use the pictures to find the names (or at least narrow it down) and the description will help you and give suggestions for how to use.

I also have several Info Sheets available to download including a Kale Info Sheet and Kohlrabi Info Sheet. Use the Search bar or the Tag 'Info Sheet' on the blog to see more.

Any time you have a question about what we're growing or how we best like to eat it, send me a message and I can let you know what it is and set you off in the right direction to find recipes your family will love.


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