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About Goldbush

I know how hard it is to find quality vegetables, that's why I'm here.

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Local Vegetables from Goldbush Micro Farm

Are your fresh vegetable options from far away and you don’t know who grew them or how they were grown?

Or how many people have touched them?

I hated the gross, sad veges at the store.

Limp and listless with a flavour that is seriously lacking.

As much as I tried to eat seasonally and locally grown there just wasn’t the quality of produce I was looking for.

So I started growing my own.

I loved the feeling of serving my family freshly picked veges from my garden.

Knowing where my food comes from and that it was grown sustainably.

I’ve now turned my hobby into my purpose.

My name is Michelle and since 2017 I have been growing vegetables for South Taranaki locals.

If you want tasty, fresh, organic vegetables, you're in the right place!

My customers know where their food comes from, who grew it and how.

Leave your name and email above and you too can enjoy super fresh, local vegetables hand picked by Farmer Michelle for your family.

Our customers tell us all the time how amazing our veges are, how they last so much longer than the supermarket AND the kids eat them (be careful though, they may never accept the paltry taste of supermarket carrots again!).

Busby Family photo
Jarrod Michelle Adelyn and Cason

At Goldbush we are learning how to use organic and regenerative principles so you won't find synthetic fertilisers or pesticides here.

We don't consider ourselves spray-free as we regularly spray our garden with things like seaweed and comfrey tea, our goal is to grow healthy soils, which makes for healthy plants and healthy, local food for our customers!

Goldbush Micro Farm is a 3.78 acre (1.5ha) property a few minutes north of Hāwera, as well as the market garden we are currently working on a food forest, woodlot and house garden and have three cows and 14 hens, we regularly hold events at the farm where you can see us in action.

Leave your name and email below to get details on workshops and events, as well as the weekly veges.


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