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What Is Local?

Imagine with me for a minute.

There’s a small farm every few kilometers, and you know the person that grows your food.

You have access to fresh food, without a corporation in the middle, so the price is fair.

Your farmer earns a fair wage, so they can continue to feed you for many years, and they create jobs for locals like you, or your children.

This is Hyper Local.

Currently here at Goldbush Micro Farm I deliver every Wednesday to Hāwera and Normanby, me doing a loop into and through town and back home again is much better than all my customers driving out to the farm.

I drive less than 30km and it takes me just over an hour to deliver to 20 families, saving my customers 5-20km driving EACH for them to come out and pick up.

That time and petrol saving is one of those quiet but important bonuses of buying local vegetables.

There are a lot of reasons to buy local, I'd love to hear yours! Please tell us below in the comments.

I have requests all the time from people outside my delivery area, some are happy to come and pick up, which is great, but wouldn't it be fantastic to encourage more growers so everyone can have the benefit of hyper local vegetables?

What if we imagined being able to walk or bike to pick up our locally grown vegetables?

My delivery area would be even smaller, delivering to a smaller and smaller area as more and more urban growers fed their neighbours?

I love this kind of imagining!

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