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Garden Wordsearch Fun

Call it learning if you need to ;-)

I've created a few word searches using words related to Goldbush Micro Farm, a fun little activity for all ages. If you want to call it teaching/learning, it ticks all sorts of boxes from new words and spelling to science if you want to dive deeper into some of the species or varieties to maths if you want to look at grids and maybe even design your own!

Set a challenge to find recipes that use the vegetables or see if you can find the creatures listed in your own backyard or your next walk in the park. So many ways to extend the learning, or just do the word search and revel in your word skills! There are three word searches in the download with the Animal one being the easiest, Vegetables moderate and Farming a bit more difficult due to the longer, less well-known words - a good opportunity for further research if you feel like it!

So if you love a word search or you have a kid that loves a word search check these out!


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