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Rescue Strategy 5 Vege Prep

Vegetable Preparation to make the best use of your vegetables for the week!
Using Goldbush Micro Farm vegetables or your own from your garden or bought at a shop. Some quick ideas, pick those that work for you and make the most of your vegetables. Helping you in the move towards zero waste in our vegetable rescue strategy about prepping vegetables, this also saves you time during the week!

Transcription of video:

Rescue Strategy Number 5; Vegetable Preparation. So this week I would love to be showing you all of my prepped vegetables in my kitchen, but this week has not gone to plan. So I
am just doing a quick video to tell you a little bit about some ideas for how to keep those veges going and prep things in advance, so that you are more likely to use them and then there will be less waste! 
First of all do this as soon as you get home, as soon as they are delivered (or as soon as possible!). Prep veges for raw things, ‘crudités’ as the French would say, things for dipping, that might be sliced carrots, things you can use with dips, also great for lunches or snacks any time. The best thing to do with those is make sure they are in a clear container, at eye level in the fridge, that way everyone can see them.
Prepping ingredients in advance for a recipe, also called ‘mise en place’, the French for “putting everything into place”, that might just be chopping things up ready to go into an omelette or a frittata, or preparing for a stir-fry.
Next you can do Salad Prep, I really like doing this as a portion to take to work, it’s all done in advance into your jar or container and you can just grab that and go, also called “fast food”. :-) Have your dressing either in there, in the bottom of the container, then you can tip that out onto a plate or give it a shake to mix it around. Or have the dressing in it’s own little container. 
The last one is roasting veges, I know a lot of people blanch things and they store them in the fridge, and they use them in recipes and you can absolutely do that but it’s not something I do a lot of. We roast a lot of things, so roasting vegetables and having them cold in the fridge, then you can either heat them up, you can throw them into a frittata, you can have them cold in a salad. 
That’s my rescue strategy number five for the week, just a few quick tips on prepping vegetables as soon as you get them home, so you are more likely to use them. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video!


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