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Rescue Strategy 4 Vegetable Storage

This week I'm sharing several tips on how to store your vegetables so they last a lot longer (giving you more time to use them!). 

Video Transcription:

Hi. So rescue strategy number four today is about storing vegetables for longer, so that you can use them when you're ready and you don't come across gross, wilted, rotting, yucky things in your fridge. Now the first tip is something very different from what most people do is don't store your vegetables and vegetable drawer, also called where good vegetables go to die. So if you put your bottles or cheese and yogurt or something else in the vege drawer, then you can put on the top, in the front shelves, right in view all the vegetables and they're visible and more likely to be used rather than getting lost and going gross in the bottom of the vege drawer. So then, the next thing is, greens. Take them out of the bag when you get them home. So if this is from a supermarket, this might apply to whatever veggies you're buying. Take them out of the bag, if they're in a bag that's okay to store in the fridge, pop a paper towel in to absorb any condensation that way they're less likely to rot. If you get our greens or spinach, salad mix that sort of thing, take it out of the bag when you get home. If you can, if you're going to eat the next day, that's not so bad. But if it's going to be any longer than the day or two take it out of the bag and put it in a container. This means that they'll keep way longer, because our bags are home compostable, they do breathe a lot more. So our green and veges will keep easily over a week, if they're in a container. So what I do is I use the Tupperware containers. And I love these vent smarts, this is an old one. So I've got our greens in here. It's a really good shape for cauliflower and broccoli. And the vents on the side adjust how much air can come and go. So I've got a couple of the older ones that I've used for years and years and years that I've just upgraded and got myself some new ones. So these ones the vents a little bit different at the top, but you can have it closed or half or full open. It just shows you on the side for your vegetables and your fruit what setting to have it on. So really easy to use. But the length of time that this adds to how long vegetables can store is amazing. I'll link below to a video by Tupperware that shows the comparison for a week or two weeks of different vegetables in and out of the tupperware containers. It's pretty cool. So yeah, this one's a really good size. This is the other one that I wanted to get why I bought new ones because the round was kind of annoying shape in the fridge. So this new size and shape fits really well on our fridge. So I got quite a few of those. And it just means that the veges last so much longer. So the next tip is store your fruit away from the vegetables. Chop the tops of your carrots and beetroot, or any of them kind of root vegetables and store them separately. Not that you need to throw them out as such. But if you store them separately, they'll both keep longer. And the other thing is your fresh herbs especially but you can also do this with bunches of greens, pop them in a glass or a jar of water. So you're kind of keeping them alive. And then if you need to, depending on the weather, or how long until you are going to use them, you can actually pop a plastic bag over top of them and pop them, in the jar of water, into the fridge. If you've got the space for it, we've got an adjustable shelf in our fridge. So we've got that bit of extra height. So it's another way to keep it a little bit longer. So yeah, there's a few tips on storage for your vegetables. If you have any questions, let me know and that's our Rescue Strategy for today. Thanks for watching.


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