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Rescue Strategy: Keeping vegetable ends out of the rubbish

Rescue Strategy #1

Vegetable scraps, ends, bits and skins all get kept to live again in another dish! This zero waste idea is a great way to stop the bits of veges we don't typically eat from going in the compost or rubbish bin. If there's tough bits these can be used boiled up in a bone broth etc and sieved out later, softer things can be cooked up and blended to be used as a DIY stock paste.

Thanks for watching and let me know if there's anything you're struggling to use all of and I can do a video for that!

Transcript of Video:

Hi, you might be able to hear the kids counting while they play hide and seek with Jarrod. But I just wanted to share a quick little tip. We're going to be doing a bit of a series on ways to make your veggies, not so much last, but use them up effectively and not feel like you're wasting any. Since we're having people that maybe don't get a bag every week because it carries over but then there's not really enough to last two weeks. So I’m just going to be doing a few tips on things that you can do to use up things when it gets near the end of the week, before your next bag arrives. And also just to stop there being so much going to compost and so this is one of my tips. 

So I’ve just pulled this out of the freezer, I don't know what will be in this! It says “Vege Stock Ingredients” on it. I'll just put ends of different things, here’s some celery leaves from a stir fry, there’s bits of leek, there’s garlic tops and bottoms, ends from onions, carrot tops and the stalks of things. Anything else in your fridge that you know you're not going to get to that’s starting to go wilty, instead of waiting for it to fully go gross and you have to throw it out, chuck it in the freezer! 

And so I just have a bag because it fits in my little freezer drawers in my fridge and I have an inside freezer so it's really easy and there's no excuse, I could put it into the compost or I could put it into dinner or I could put it into the bag so they're all easy options. You can use a plastic container or glass jars, even if it's in the fridge to fill throughout the week in a glass jar. 

I use it to make a veggie stock and just cook the bits up. Then whizz it up with a whole heap of salt then it is stored in the fridge where I can use a teaspoon or a tablespoon of it in things like soups and stews and casseroles. So that's my Rescue Strategy tip for today!


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