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Stir-Fry Formula: How To Make Dinner Quick and Easy

Tuesday Tasty Tangle - A Vege Rescue Ritual with Downloadable Stir-Fry Formula 

I know you want to eat more vegetables.

Sometimes it's been a week since you loaded them into your fridge and they're still sitting there.

You feel bummed you're going to waste good food and your hard-earned money.

Finding inspiration is so difficult.

I can help with my Tasty Tangle Stir-Fry Formula.

This simple formula can be used with whatever veges you have in your fridge or garden to create a delicious, nutritious meal the whole family will love.

Download the Formula: By clicking the picture below, print it and keep it handy in your kitchen for those uninspired moments when the "what's for dinner?" question makes you grind your teeth.

Steps involved in Building a Stir-fry

Rough Guide: this will make 4 large serves.

This is a quick cooking recipe so it's a good idea to have everything prepared and ready to add before starting.

If using a meat protein cook and set aside, add when nonmeat proteins are added.

  1. Base: Heat oil in a wok or cast-iron pan then add ingredients and stir while cooking until onion is translucent.

  2. Veges: Choose any veges you have available, if using leafy greens stems can be added now but add the leaves in step 5.

  3. Flavour: what do you feel like tonight? Aim to have all these ingredients in your pantry or fridge so you have some great choices for flavoursome meals.

  4. Grain: These can be cooked while you are making the stir-fry or use leftovers.

  5. Protein: This is where you add in pre-cooked meat protein or choice of bean (any will work!) or perhaps tofu.

  6. Garnish: Choose 1 or 2 of these garnishes to make the flavour pop and give you an extra nutrition hit.

  7. Taste Test: This is the most important part! I always need to add a little something more to get the flavours right or even just a little more salt to bring out the flavours.

If you are prepared to taste test and approach your dish with some constructive criticism, you can make changes as required to make it taste delicious for you and your family.

Share this with a busy Mum who needs this in their life.

It's brilliant printed and taped to the inside of the pantry door for those nights you need a healthy meal fast.

For more tips and tricks to making the most of your vegetables leave your email below and you'll also receive a Free Guide to Unlock my 6 secrets to eating more vegetables.


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